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The central pneumatic air brush airbrush makeup foundation kit, the reason I’m taking a look at it today is because and you’ll see the video link in the description below, but Barbara toss Rex his channel does a pretty good video on this air brush, if you want to see this air brush get absolutely manhandled go watch his channel, he does do a pretty good break down of this brush, we’re gonna be taking a look at it for my purposes because airbrush makeup kit price.Well I right now, Colorado is very cold, and so I can’t use my rattle cans that I normally use to primary models and I’m also gonna be moving to Washington state in a couple of months now that’s gonna be a little too humid for me to use my rattle cans, most of the time.So I want to get a handle on primary with an air brush I do have a nicer air brush on the way the water revolution, but I want to use that one more gently and for more detail stuff I want this thing to just be the thing that I can manhandle.And abuse and just get my prime ring done, let’s take a quick look at it now, so I got this to this air brush cleaning bottle from harbor freight will take a look at that too, let’s take a look at this air brush real quick, so it immediately, it looks like a knockoff badger air brush just right off ze.I mean it rides on shiny and Chrome Chrome, it’s got good weight in the front, it feels like a normal air brush up front in the back though this, this blue part, this is definitely aluminum and it weighs nothing you could tell me that was plastic and I would believe you that’s how light, that is.It’s got the nub dh needle just like a just like a badger, I mean really harbor freight’s entire business model is the peddling of Chinese knockoffs, not gonna say they’re good but I’m not going to say I’ve had terrible experiences with harbor freight so far.So it looks like it comes with a quick disconnect on focus.Or not, whatever, um it comes with a quick disconnect a nozzle, why, what is happening with my thank you, I’m never gonna use it because I don’t have a quick disconnect setup I have.Don’t find a reason to don’t swap out brushes all the time.Trigger does not have a lot of depression in it, this is maybe.Two or three millimeters at most.That’s all the way back.It came with a little cap that apparently fell off so.Come on focus, what is wrong with this camera.Anyways, so yeah little cap probably just use that only when I’m putting it away.But. Let’s check this nozzle out, what’s weird is, it’s got a little.Little cuts in the in the nozzle I haven’t seen that on any of my air brushes.Neil is nice and sharp.Looks like goes back enough to feed paint I was worried that this wasn’t gonna go back far enough I’ve had a master air brush that does not feed because no matter how you adjust the needle, it’s always sticking out.Master brushes are garbage, um.Let’s check under.Does this come off, come on. Can’t even get that part off it’s like it’s sealed down there alright whatever we’ll move on.Take that back off.And let’s pull that needle out.Yes.If I’ve read correctly, this is a point three five millimeter needle.So honestly it’s ideal for primer, if I do say so looks like it’s got some.Gunk.The tip here, but.I’ll probably polish that off before I demo this thing.So this thing is a siphon feed which means it’s going to feed up from the bottom I’m Barbara toss Rex video hi it does feed feed quite well so there is that the problem is and you’ll see that in his video as well is with this particular cup, I mean the cup.Fits in nice enough zo, you definitely tilted to the point of worrying about spillage, but the reason why this particular cup is so useless is.The feed hole for it goes so far up the the cp, it’s almost halfway up so you’re gonna pretty much have to fill this cup up all the way to the top.Um, get any feed for it so right out of the gate, this cup.It’s going to trash it’s useless it’s there’s no reason for this cup to exist it.It’s pointless.Harbor freight, what are you doing.Fix it.Somebody had to have noticed that. I think it caught on one of the seals inside there trying to slide it back in.Take the nozzle off, make sure I’ve got.Yep, and it’s sealed all the way, tie the Chuck back in.I mean.It feels good for a twenty Dollar air brush my first siphon feed air brush was a was a was a posh air brush and it was such utter garbage that I was never able to get it to work and I was never able to air brush with it.So no I did not learn to air brush on my very first air brush fun fact.I’m still technically learning to air brush I am an absolute novice at it so we’ll get that right out of the way but let’s take a look real quick hello. If you are an absolute novice zen fights ahead, are you doing a video about it because I felt like it because I felt like it.Let’s take a look at the cleaning bottle eyes.So when you’ve got your brush and it’s dirty and you need to clean it out, you’ll run water through it and then poke it into this ear and spray it back and clean it out and fill this reservoir with dirty paint water looks like its got a air filter on top to make sure paint particles don’t get out and so it has ventilation.Not sure why it’s got this stopper here maybe just to make sure that too much air is getting in there maybe possibly looks like we got some caps for the top so it doesn’t dry out and got a rubber o ring in there for some reason and replacement filters for the air filter on top, honestly you can’t go wrong with this eye I see just looking at I see no functional reason why this would be any worse than the ten or twelve Dollar ones you can buy on Amazon when this thing is this was eight dollars.And even less if you use a harbor freight coupon cause they give out coupons like candy, honestly like the coupon prices are probably more accurately the real prices of these things and everything else is on Marco so.Take that with what you will when it comes to harbor freight right let’s transform this crappy build table into a crappy spray booth table.Tada.Yeah I wasn’t joking when I said this was gonna be a crappy.Air brush booze. Cause I don’t have one I don’t have a dedicated air brushing area because why do that when I’m getting ready to move anyways.So go ahead and.Pre diluted, some grey primer in this thing, I’ve got it hooked up to my awad ninja jet air compressor.So hopefully this doesn’t drown out all of the sound but.I’ve got here, this is the paratrooper backpack from the easy eight gundam high grade kit. AH.I hated that kit, so I use its parts and pieces now to practice other techniques and right now we’re gonna practice on this, this air brush, so let’s do it.I hope it’s freeze out of this I want it because um.The air brush itself is rated for thirty PS I and I think this thing tops out of 25 PS I so let’s let’s see.People.Yeah.They did a nice enough job. Went from a dark green and light grey to exclusively a light gray.Well.Let’s see how this bad boy cleans.So I think I found a use for the small cup and that is exclusively. To run water through it.Okay.Yeah.A lot of primer in there.See, that’s what I mean I it’s um.Spilling hazard on that coat.Oh man, there’s still a lot of primer in there.On prime coming out of this water. Even still.Yeah.Check going everything.It’s fun to watch the little vapors come out of the top here I don’t know if you can see that on camera.Yeah.Girl. Oops.Yeah.Gracious it’s still blowing a little bit of primer out of this.Yeah.I’ll do a full cleanup of it later.Um, but, um.Yeah I’d say for primary this thing is exactly what somebody need focus dude focus, thank you.For primary large amounts of models. Large piece pieces.I think it’s perfect.Um, it’s twenty dollars.And.I mean technically. It’s even less than that, because if you bring your little coupon to harbor freight you’ll get a few dollars off it’s maybe you know seventeen or eighteen dollars a in reality.Yeah.Nice badger, knock off at least mine is not a fan of foul this the needle wiggles around, yeah you can see it on camera needle wiggles around a lot don’t like that exactly.Who knows what the longevity of this brush is gonna be especially with the fact that I’m just gonna be man handling it with primer all the time.AH. Yeah I mean it actually Fed pretty well at 25 PS I so.AH.Thirty PS I just recommended but 25 worked, it worked just fine as you can see focus.Focus.And this is grey primer, this is not white primer, it’s just. Getting washed out by all the light around here.But yeah I did really good coverage, the primary job looks relatively clean.So yeah thumb up in my book, I’ll be using it.Definitely in the future for primary all of my bills alright, so now that we’re done primer ING this piece here see how it worked.Well at work I should say, let’s do a full tear down on it.And see if there are any surprises under the hood in terms of dirt enos now off camera I did run some acrylic thinner through it and some more hot water to see what I could get out of it and man it, it really did have a lot of paint still left in it so.Let’s see. A little bit that dried on the tip there.I think I might polish this tip a little more.To see if I can get some extra allow the trigger without the without the needle, the trigger just pops right out that’s whoo boy.Ooh boy.Don’t know how I feel about that.Yeah.Alright.Yeah.Alright.Just take a look in there. I don’t see anything out of the ordinary other than you know slightly bad finish on the inside but honestly that’s to be expected with this, this particular brush.I might I think there’s another video about aha, making a crappy air brush perform perform well and I might link that in the description to a one of the recommendations to replace these o rings with bees wax.And I might do that just to get a little extra oomph out of it now this the nozzle itself is stuck, this part, the shroud here.Not sure how to get that off I don’t think it came with any special tools to do that now looking at the box, there’s nothing else in here, besides the thing but let’s take z.Doesn’t even have.The right side, what is what is this for what, what are you supposed to do with this wretch. It fits on literally no part in this kit.By the way, this is a brush is replacing this piece of crap, this master model g two thirty three I could not get this air brush to work for the life of me.The only needle that worked was the point three millimeter the point two and the point five I I just couldn’t get it didn’t matter the consistency of the paint, it did not matter what PS I had set it to.Or what nozzle was used, it would just splatter the paint everywhere. Point three millimeter somewhat does it but it’s saying something when this did a better job of atom ising and spreading than that air brush did.Man I really got this piece on here and I’m hesitant to come out with pliers.So we’ll just say that that is fully disassembled.Um, not too, um, not too shabby, I’m not taking this little.Triggers screw off, this is a pointless addition to this air brush the point the whole idea of it as you screw it in and it holds the trigger back, so you can just passively spray stuff at a constant rate and not have to worry about it essentially turning it into a single action but but.Who does that, but that seems very pointless, so let’s get this back together and I’ll start with the tip that I took out.Don’t cross thread please, thank you.I would be very bad for an air brush I just bought.Don’t over tighten it yeah and that that was this is where it said to use the bees wax was to take the o ring off of this piece and.And melt bee’s wax onto it because it works better apparently allegedly or so I’m told.This is always tricky to get back into these things.Coma. This is the piece, I’m concerned about.Because it did it just came right out.Well, before I right after I took the needle out.I’m worried.That it’s held in there exclusively by hopes and dreams, which.I mean in my industry which is it a lot of components in things that are held on by hopes and dreams and nothing more, so I guess this is no exception, all right now let’s gently get this needle back in there because I want to make sure that.That trigger sad correctly.Don’t force that in math, thank you.I forgot to check. I was literally holding the Chuck and I still forgot it.I do like the little ball tip on the.Back of this needle, just like just like badger air brushes.Makes it easy to handle and pull apart.Pull the needle out. Looks like I got the needle or the trigger back in there correctly so.Yeah.Hello puttin right, thank you.Thank you. Yeah.But the quick disconnect back on it just so I don’t lose it in case one day I do get a quick disconnect kit.Who knows, maybe I will you know if I’m gonna be running multiple air brushes.But here we go central pneumatic siphon feed air brush. I like it I don’t hate it, it’s it’s a perfectly acceptable twenty Dollar air brush.Um, though, I mean it is harbor freight so you may or may not get a good one and have to take it back and play with it.

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