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The idea for Follow Me was hatched in an old pub in England in 2006, sometime late one night (but thankfully not so late that we had forgotten about it the next day). We decided to create a list of the best places to eat, drink and party. The places we knew, had visited – the places we loved, ran tabs in, the ones that (in the good old days) perhaps opened a little early, closed a little late.

Our UK site (www.justfollowmeusa.com) now lists some 2000 plus bar, pub, club and nightlife venues, most recommded by our members.

So, following the age old saying “Go West Young Man (and Woman)”, that’s exactly what we did. The result is FollowMeUSA.com.

Follow Me USA is not a definitive nightlife guide to the United States, and it never will be. It’s our guide to the places we have been, the bars and clubs that made us feel at home. To the places where we partied, and to the people we met along the way.

We hope you enjoy the site. Hook up with us sometime and meet up with some of our members.

So, Follow Me and you will see
The places where you ought to be
The places that we love to know
The places where you need to go

Follow Me to clubs and bars
And bars just like the Seven Stars
The clubs are here of every kind
The best you’ll ever hope to find.

Follow Me, it matters not
If you drink a little, or drink a lot
Straight or gay, a girl or bloke
Find a place with one key stroke

Follow Me, we’re on the net
Join us for free and then get set
To meet new friends and party hard
But do behave, and don’t get barred!

Follow Me, from East to West
From North to South, we are the best.
We’re ready now to rock and roll
And meet you in a watering hole.

Just Follow Me, young or old
No-one’s left out in the cold
The address you need to find the way
Is FollowMeUSA