How it works

Follow Me USA – Rules of Engagement.

Hopefully the rules below will give you all a chance to understand the outline of how we work and how we operate.

1. All venues listed will be visited by Follow Me USA and will be rated on how we feel about the establishment from an overall point of view.

2. New suggestions by members are welcome and will be listed, but not rated until after they have been visited.

3. Venue owners / managers who have paid for a sponsored listing will be listed immediately, but not rated until after they have been visited.

4. Business operators are not allowed to claim facilities that their venue does not have or to give inaccurate information.

5. Members are welcome to leave comments about a venue and are asked to be honest, but not rude in any way. Posted comments will appear after they have been checked by JFM (normally within 48 hours). Inappropriate comments will not be listed.

6. Individual membership to this site may be cancelled at anytime.

7. Corporate membership and sponsored listings are chargeable.

8. Monthly venue “crawls” are organised and all members / friends /drinking buddies / players / etc are welcome to join in. Venue details will appear on our home page.

9. Listed comments from individual members cannot be deleted or edited. If you feel you have made a mistake and wish them altered or removed please contact us.

10. Business operators who feel comments left about their venue are not valid and feel they should be removed are asked to contact us immediately.