Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q. Do you have different grades or tiers of membership ?
A. No. We have one full membership for all, and no restrictions on contacting other members.

Q. Is the annual fee automatically re-billed when it comes up for renewal ?
A. No. We do not re-bill you after 12 months. We will notify you, and you may renew only if you wish.

Q. What sites are covered by membership ?
A. Membership covers Follow Me USA

Q. Are there any further charges for these additional sites ?
A. No. The membership you have paid extends to all sites.

Q. Is my username and password the same on all sites ?
A. Yes. Your username and password are identical for all the sites.

Q. Are there restrictions to contacting other members ?
A. No. Once your membership is “live” you may contact as many other members as you wish.

Q. What are your rules and guidelines on photo’s I can post ?
A. Please see “Photos and Photo Permissions” below.

Q. How many photos can I load on my profile ?
A. Six.Photos and Photo Permissions.

Loading a photo of yourself will bring you a much better response from other members who are searching.

The first, or main, picture you load is visible as a thumbnail in our main galleries section, and is the lead photo on your profile.
Subsequent pictures on your profile are only available to members.

Make your main photo a sharp, focused shot of your face. Members connect with you more effectively when they can see a candid shot of you, and your personality really shines through with a good head shot. Give a warm, friendly smile and let your eyes connect with the camera.

Trouble Uploading Pictures: If you are experiencing difficulty uploading your pictures please email them direct to info@justfollowmeusa.com stating your username in the subject line of the email.

Adult Photo’s: You may not upload photos that could cause offence to another user. It is not the policy of this site to allow members to upload pornographic or distasteful photographs.

Childrens Photos: Please note that we do not allow photographs of children (even if it is your child) to be uploaded. These photos will be deleted.

Every photo that is uploaded is validated by an Administrator to ensure that no illegal content is posted and that no adult material is posted.